Kudo to the political opposition

As of date, Haiti has registered only 18 cases of patients contaminated by the corona virus with no death recorded.

This is no miracle. We must give credit to whom credit is due. It’s time to acknowledge Andre Michel and the rest of the political opposition who made sure that we are not hit as hard as our neighbors in the Dominican Republic.

Contrary to cholera which was made and developed locally, Covid-19 is an imported disease. Only foreigners can bring it to our soil.

Late last year, these opposition geniuses made sure they destroy Haiti’s tourism industry by locking the country down for three months causing tourists and foreigners to stay away.

That smart decision has caused popular hotels like the Best Western and even the Marriott to shut down not counting other province destinations such as the Sunset Cove Beach Resort in Port-Salut and the likes. The lock down has worked as far as slowing the spread of the corona virus in Haiti.

Now wait a minute. Someone just reminded me that the lock down was meant to overthrow the Jovenel Moise government. It seems like that objective wasn’t reached. But by destroying our tourism industry, the political opposition has kept the tourists away and thus spared us.

I am not too concerned as long as the government keeps our borders closed. Social distancing is impossible to practice in Haiti. Public transportation remains the only way for the people to travel from one point to an other. Even the government’s official identification cards distribution remains a human nightmare.

Credit goes to the lame and uninspired opposition leaders who locked the country down last year causing tourists to stay away.

Lebien Michel / HT


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