Jhonson Napoleon, the Haitian-American motivator

He is neither a rock star nor a famous athlete. But yet, he has become one of the most recognizable Haitian the world over. Using the power of social media, Jhonson Napoleon has built a fan base that could make any politician jealous. On FaceBook alone, He is followed by over 400,000 Haitians worldwide.

Haiti Telegraph has followed him to Cayes Jacmel on Haiti’s southeastern coast as he visited his young sister’s new hotel Allure Royal. Once settled Jhonson posted on his account that he was in the area. It didn’t take time before fans started pouring in to meet him in person.

27 years old, Marcel Nicolas  came from Jacmel to meet his hero. “I’ve been following Jhonson for the past 6 months. I’ve been impressed by his messages. In one of his posts he advised young people to start something, anything. That message motivated me to start a small busines. I am so thrilled to have finally met him in person. He’s a real model for the youth”.

Calixte Pierre, a 26 years old from Cayes-Jacmel is one of the fan who came to meet Jhonson. “I’ve been following him since October 2017. He has really motivated and inspired me. He has taught me a lot about education and entrepreneurship. In one of his posts he said failure is not permanent. That phrase has stuck with me since. It motivated me to leave the Dominican Republic where I lived with my parents and return to my hometown to start a small business selling electronics. I am happy to have met him and shake his hands”.

Wilson Marcelin has been following Jhonson for the past 3 years. “He has shared many ideas with young people about business. He has motivated me to start a small business selling clothes and perfume. “Starting is slow but based on Jhonson’s advice, I will stay the course and I have no doubt that I will succeed”.

Jhonson Napoleon is recognized by everyone from street merchants, police officers to airport and hotel workers. He has built a large following in Chile where he inspires Haitians to take advantage of the opportunity the South American country offers and start their own business. He recently opened Napo Depot in Santiago selling Haitian goods that he ships from Haiti. He is CEO of Azure College, a nursing school in Florida and is ready to open Azure University in Haiti.

“I am honored to be able to create an impact on the Haitian youth in spite of their situation and lack of directions from their leaders” Napoleon told Haiti Telegraph, claiming that he has no political ambition or motivation. Helping young people is his motivation.

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