Haiti’s airports declared illegal

Several virtual travel agencies including the popular expedia have classified both Haiti’s international airports as illegal.

This decision is based on the latest violent street demonstrations with wide range acts of vandalism and violence.

Pierre Chauvet, an expert in travel and tourism told local radio station Magic 9 that this decision also cancels all hotel rooms and virtually erase Haiti as a tourist destination. According to Mr. Chauvet, it will take years to recover from this decision.

“With so many Online Travel Agencies (OTA) removing Haiti from their list of inventory (flights & lodging), as a result of the US travel alert level 4 – Do not travel (same as Afghanistan, Irak, Somali, etc.), I think all the efforts that have been made in the tourism sector over the past years are gone.

Whatever is the next chapter after this crisis, it may take us years, to put Haiti back on the world’d touristic map.

Until we find political stability and social justice, tourism will simply be a dream” says Carlo Chancelien, a travel and tourism expert at booking.com


  1. It’s a Heartbreaking and Heartless situation in Haiti !,,, I dont recalled ever seeing anything like that for the past 60 years in Haiti.or more ..a so bad one like this ever in Haiti ? I feel like that there was a pleasure for some Hatians to burn, to kill, to destroy … like a vengeance against everything and everyone … a form of anger in their heart…. with these going on , Haiti is not a sure country to live a peaceful life… I am so sorry for some of my family who still live there ! What future someone could have in Haiti to witness that what we have built for the past 50 years or more had just disappeared by one or few men angers and there is nothing you can do about it ! Today I. MUst say that I have no regrets to have left Haiti and decided not never returning back . Minds you… I love Haiti , my Country that was once the most beautiful Island in the Caribbean ,. But today, I realise the painful truth that a majority of the 92% of Haitian dont really love their country … perhaps they should go to Africa where life could be better for them … Next to Santo Domingo and Cuba…. we dont have nothing in common with them…. their Countries progressed because they love it, protected it and cared for it …. they would not burn people houses, businesses, schools , pharmacies, supermarchés , Clinics , Hospitals, …. this is anger vengeance talking …. How can we have someone next to you with a black heart with desire to hurt you ? Because you’re you …. This is not normal ! I would take 3 boats.. fill them up and send most of them back to Africa who perhaps wouldn’t want them….. but still they cant do what they did in Haiti …. sorry … Haiti must open schools ,,, much more schools to teach them the appropriate behavior of a normal human being… able to understand…. and not simply , crazé brisé and burn to the ground ! That’s not HUMAN ..,,,,,, that should not be Haiti .. our Haiti !,,,,

  2. Even though the US support the president of haiti , which caused all the destructions and the deaths of all these people, and this is the same US who announced the world not to travel to haiti. This nation call USA is really the cancer of the world.

  3. You know what? I’m not going to believe any new curses that evil mights are still tying to put over this poor country, “Haiti”. Jesus Christ, The Almighty Redeemer takes control now. Who ever decides to destroy these people will face the judgement of The God (Lord of the Universe including that small country Haiti. This time do not even think about hurting these Haitiens! Remember, The most powerful Ruler is in charge….

  4. That headline is completely misleading!
    There is a high risk warning and Haiti has been taken off from several online booking sites, correct.
    But it is not illegal!

  5. It also impacts those of us who are trying to train young people by giving them an education and skills to support themselves as adults.

  6. I’m of haitian decent. It’s sad to hear this because I would love the world to travel to my beautiful country but unfortunately I agree with this decision. Americans isn’t built for Haiti. They will be eaten alive especially in a time of desperation. I pray for democracy for haiti and one day can be added back on the tourist attraction list…

  7. Bon nou pat we sa nou relé sa airport l’ajen ki depense nan kaloj sa pa gen dan pou nou ri se plenn hum.

  8. This is more salt in Haiti’s already deep wounds..
    Makes me sad.
    I’m glad I was able to see Haiti for myself: she holds such potential, if not for
    the greed and corruption that still exists

  9. I think the people in Haiti that are destroying what they already have are uneducated and doesn’t really understand the ripple effect of their behavior or their actions. It is very sad that the country is not grounded and that the people running this country are as corrupt and cannot set meaningful example for those leaving in the country. No one truly have a dream for Haiti to get better, they all want for themselves. It is very sad that the women and children have to suffer because of so many violence. The schools are closed and educators have to remain in hiding because of pure craziness. If the people of Haiti does not learn from their mistake this year, they will never learn. This is not normal behavior of any normal or sane human being. This is disparing and destroying a country that is already so economically poor. I pray that some change come soon and that everyone leaving elsewhere takes charge of the country because Haitian Residents obviously cannot.


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