Dominican tourists discover (la otra cara de Haiti) the other side of Haiti

A group of Dominican tourists recently visited the northern coast of Haiti. They chronicled their journey on social media under the hashtag #laotracaradehaiti (the other side of Haiti.

The following was posted on Facebook upon their return home:

“I FINALLY crossed over to Haiti this weekend with @atlastravelers!!

Food = Incredible… honestly, I prefer some of their version of the same dishes we do here! More flavor (if you can imagine this) and they use a lot of agrio-picante 🤤 which is one of my favorite flavors!

Beaches = If you always wanted to see the beaches in Thailand but don’t have the time/money to fly to Asia.. Just cross over to Northern Haiti… It’s VERY SIMILAR. BREATHTAKING TALL LUSH HILLS and limestone bays with turquoise calm waters.

People = Amazing. Sweet, friendly, HARD-WORKING AF, te todo como donde quiera. I said I was Dominican everywhere and everyone was like “ok kewl”.

Safety = Our driver (the stereotypical dominican macho man you think is going to say something not PC) told us he’s been working in and out of Haiti since the earthquake and said that in some ways he actually finds it safer than DR. I was shocked in disbelief. Our guides said the same thing about it being generally “safe” where we were. No atracan así, la gente andan con sus celulares en mano sin miedo… la gente caminaban de noche… Yo no lo creia despues de tantos cuentos de que PELIGROSOOO y SCARY Haiti estaba supuesto ser… Of course there are prob places in Haiti, like everywhere in the world that are less “safe” but… all the parts I went… I was chilling.

Music = OHH MAI GAHH. Obsessed. Ahhh. Somebody teach me how to dance Haitian music, plee.

History = DEEP and extremely underrated. Haiti was the FIRST country in the Americas to win its independence from European colonists and abolish slavery but then it got hit with a crippling tax from France for freeing itself. Haiti was bullied into paying over 21 BILLION DOLLARS TO FRANCE FOR FREEING ITSELF!!! So so many layers and levels and complexities.

Conclusion: I would love to go back for more.”



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