Coronavirus: Local expertise, equipment and experience

With the recent international rise of the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) worldwide, there are a lot of questions surrounding the ability for a small country, such as Haiti”s ability to deal and cope with the situation. From our point of view the number one solution must be to stay informed and on top of the technologies that are available to the public and private sector. We spend our time, daily, scouring through information presented by our partners to present and provide the best possible technological solutions to the situation.

We have found that certain ventilation machines work best for the COVID-19 outbreak, and largely look at the Chinese model of usages and their studies for answers. We have found that, by far, they have been able to handle the cases due in part to their access to advanced machines such as the SV300 and SV600 produced by Mindray. The SV-300 is a multi-functional, highly compact, readily portable machine, we have had our staff familiarize themselves with the equipment as much as possible to be able to relay the information to the properly trained professionals.

Vilbert Junior Belizaire, President of SOLIMA a representative of popular brands like Mindray Baxter WelchAllyn tells Haiti Telegraph: “The constant access to clean air and oxygen is a key factor in being able to assist patients currently. A key tell of the virus is pneumonia like symptoms, constricted airways, ventilation with the ability to deliver oxygen to the patient at an adaptive level is primordial”.

With the lack of standardized ventilation equipment and human resources, a machine like SV300 is able to perform the work of multiple caregivers. This machine performs at a high level, with access to both non-invasive and invasive capability, meaning if the patient requires more labored modes of respiration and oxygen delivery this machine is able to provide it. The large monitor display on the machine conveys with certainty the status of the patients, and relay information immediately.

Solima is located at 344 Autoroute de Delmas near Delmas 40B. Phone number +509 2811-8101

Montiel Seide / HT


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