United States advocates change through elections in Haiti

Under-Secretary of State at the US State Department, Ambassador Kenneth H Merten calls on opposition politicians in Haiti to use elections as a way to gain power while deploring the violence and instability in Haiti.

“In the United States we go to elections to choose our leaders. I have the impression that the majority of people in Haiti would like to go to the elections to choose or change their leaders. Violence prevents the accomplishment of good things, good things like investment” says Kenneth H Merten, in an interview with the creole service at The Voice of America.

Mr Merten also condemned the acts of violence during the 3 days of demonstrations and strikes. “If anyone has a problem with the government, it is normal for them to protest through peaceful demonstrations. But it’s not good for people to attack peaceful citizens. Haiti needs investment, Haiti needs investors. We need peace to be able to continue doing business with the Haitian government and the Haitian people. There are ways to make your voice heard. People want change, but we all know that change happens slowly” concluded Mr. Merten.


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