The reason Haiti lost to Mexico (by Lynn Gedeon)

In the world of football Mexico is ranked as the 18th best team in the world while Haiti ranks 101st. CONCAFAF has 8 big sponsors for the Gold Cup 2 of which are Mexican companies like MODELO with revenues of $ 7.1 billion (more than the PetroCaribe money) and CAMARENA TEQUILA with revenues of 10 billion dollars.

The biggest coincidence is that the deal between MODELO and CONCACAF will end in 2020. The Mexican team sponsor is Adidas, the United States sponsor is Nike which represents even more money while Haiti is sponsored by SAETA (A Colombian company).

We lost because we are a small country with few sponsors. if we had the same level of sponsorship, the game would be fair. When we have the leadership we deserve, a private sector who believes in local production that creates wealth in the country, the rest of the world will respect us. Haiti’s day will come. I am optimist.

Lynn Gedeon


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