The President of the Port-au-Prince bar association confirms the death of one of its members but not the cause of death.

Monferrier Dorval, President of the Port-au-Prince bar association has confirmed that lawyer Edouardzin Morisseau has died but is still unclear about the cause of death. Rumors are still rampant that the lawyer died of Covid-19 and even the Minister of Health in a press release, confirms the same.

The following is a press release by Mr. Dorval who confirms its authenticity earlier this afternoon to Haiti Telegraph:

“I confirm that Me Edouardzin Morisseau of the Bar of Port-au-Prince died last night at St Luc Hospital.

According to Dr. Sherlyne Bourdeau of St Luc Hospital whom I reached on the phone, Me Morisseau had cardiac complications and a pulmonary infection.

It was Doctor Bourdeau who referred him to St Luc hospital in Tabarre. Dr Bourdon is unable to tell me at this time if he died of corona virus, She told me that the victim recently tested negative to the virus according to statements by Dr Damas from St Luc hospital reported by his partner who I talked to.

I hope I can speak to the medical doctor at St Luc hospital to find out what illness he died of.

I therefore continue research on this question.

Monferrier Dorval
President of the Bar”


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