The National Federation of Haitian Mayors holds its first congress

The National Federation of Haitian Mayors (FENAMH) kicked off on Monday, October 29, 2018 in Port-au-Prince its first national congress of city officials under the theme: “On the road to integrated local development”.

About 600 Haitian and foreign participants, most of them local and municipal authorities are participating in this three-day event whose objective is to present a manifesto calling for decentralization of the country.

The Federation’s president Jude Edouard Pierre, mayor of Carrefour, indicated that this document, highly political, will be submitted to the representatives of the public authorities in order launch the country’s decentralization process.

The president of FENAMH said he was pleased with the outcome in regard to the transfer of the communal funds on the accounts of the various town halls of the country.

Significant progress has been made on this issue, concludee Edouard Pierre.


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