The Haitian government delays payment of certain taxes

Haitian President Jovenel Moise announced on Friday some arrangements to grant a period of 3 months to citizens and businesses to pay their taxes. The State thus allows these companies, most of which are closed, to relaunch their activities without constraints.

President Moïse announced the postponement of the date of payment of income tax for businesses and individuals for 3 months; the cancellation of fines and penalties due to late payment until June 30, 2020; the splitting of the payment of the income tax of companies having filed for bankruptcy at the beginning of January.

In addition, the government grants a 3-month moratorium on the application of the fine of 25,000 gourdes to be paid by all companies that have not submitted their financial statements in the prescribed timeframe. At the same time an extension of 3 months of the validity of the tax discharge for companies is granted from the expiration date, as well as the postponement of the due date of the CFPB until June 30, 2020.



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