The Delly Fuel: Introducing Elizabeth Guerin

By Ralph Delly

Elizabeth Guérin, daughter of famous and nominated writer Mona Guérin was very young when she launched her astonishing career in the broadcasting industry. At the age of 8, she started performing in a weekly comedy for the Haitian television station Tele Haiti. At the age of 10, she hosted a Sunday Show written by her mother on Radio Metropole. At the age of 15, she played 9 characters in “Roye! Les Voila”, the most popular Haitian radio soap opera which lasted 18 years.

Elizabeth’s academic background in communication covers various aspects and goes beyond communication. Besides her Bachelor of Arts in Communication, she is an accomplished artist. She had the unique opportunity to study at “Beaux Arts” program. She was the youngest artist to enter into the “Centre d’art” of Haiti. Her first exhibit at the age of 14 was a great success.

Additionally, Elizabeth spent seven years hosting different shows in Haiti at “Magic Stereo” radio station, then at Planet Kreyòl, where she was the programming director. During that time, Elizabeth also produced and hosted “A Découvert”, the first television talk show in Haiti, with a live audience. Her fans named her “The Haitian Oprah”. Elizabeth also became the Marketing and Programming Director at “Tele Timoun”, a Haitian Television station in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
After a long and thriving career in Haiti, Elizabeth relocated to Miami, where she started a radio show on “Radio Carnivale”. She still hosts her show (Bonjour Haiti) weekdays on “Radio Mega”.

Also in Miami, in 2003, Elizabeth’s leadership skills helped launched HTN, the first 24-hour Haitian TV station in the U.S. on Comcast. She was the Programming Director and also produced and hosted a show. She went on to produce a successful TV sitcom in Miami titled “Les Frères Dyòlè”, Starring in the sitcom is a long list of Haitian superstars that includes Wyclef Jean, Alan Cave, Tonton Bicha, Nicky mix etc… Ms. Guerin’s talents go beyond communication; as well as various educative Radio segments for the diaspora.

In 2011, she started hosting a community news TV show “What’s up Haitian!” on NBC Cozi TV along with her daughter Christalie Parisot and DJ Nickymix.

In 2006, with her radio expertise, extensive knowledge in the Haitian market and keen business sense, Elizabeth created Imaginart Media Productions, LLC. Imaginart Media Productions is now a successful Marketing and Production Company based in Miami, providing services to various professionals, organizations and well-known national and international businesses in the United States, as well as the Caribbean.

Her academic background in communication covered various aspects; including the unique opportunity to study a “BEAUX ARTS PROGRAM” under the guidance of the great master of Art, Roland Dorcely.

In 2002, Elizabeth Guerin successfully obtained a “BACHELOR OF ARTS IN COMMUNICATION” from the University of Washington, signed by Professor Dr. Charles Giffard.

Elizabeth Guerin then spent seven years, hosting different shows at Magic Stereo radio station. With her radio expertise and keen business sense, Elizabeth Guerin went on to own and operate a radio station appropriately named PLANET KREYOL in Haiti. During this time, Elizabeth produced and hosted “A DECOUVERT”, the first talk show in Haiti; her fans named her THE HAITIAN OPRAH.

After a long and thriving career in Haiti, Elizabeth relocated to Miami. During 5 years, Elizabeth Guerin hosted one of the most popular radio shows on 1020 AM, called ALLO BABETH, interviewing Stars, superstars and many other personalities from all horizons. Since May 1rst 2007, Elizabeth is hosting a new radio show called “Bonjour HAITI!! ” with her partner Nickymix, on Radio WOCN, operating on the 1450 AM frequency, every day from 7h AM to 10 AM. And, of course, Elizabeth Guerin continues to host her famous radio show: ALLO BABETH.

Elizabeth’s leadership skills helped launched HTN, the first Haitian Television in the United States. Elizabeth Guerin was the main producer and programming director. With her extensive knowledge and experience in the Haitian Community, Elizabeth Guerin created Imaginart Media Productions, a successful marketing and production company in Miami, which also covers the Haitian market in Boston, New York and Canada.

Elizabeth Guerin is an accomplished artist, director, writer, producer, painter, actress, make-up artist, and, of course, business owner.

Ralph Delly / HT


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