THE DELLY FUEL. Introducing Carl Craig

By Ralph Delly

Carl Craig was born in Haiti and moved to New York with his family when he was 15 years old. He later enlisted in the U.S. Air Force where served for 5 years until 1979. Once discharge he pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and International Business at Florida International University.

Upon graduating, Carl launched a successful career on “Wall Street”.  For the next sixteen years, he consistently rose to top ranks during his career as a broker and became Associate Vice President at Dean Witter, Prudential Securities and a Senior Financial Consultant at Merryl Lynch.  In 2000 Carl quit Wall Street and decided to apply his experience and acumen in the field of international consulting.

As an international consultant, Carl worked for the transition government of Prime Minister Gerard Latortue in Haiti, which successfully organized the first free election in Haiti in 20 years. Carl participated in negotiations with community leaders in the infamous slums of Citée Soleil where he introduced various programs such as “The Integration for Social and Economic Development” and coordinated activities between the U.N., MINUSTAH, USAID and various NGO’s.  As senior consultant in the Ministry of the Interior, Carl participated in the coordination of projects that were part of the “Progamme de Déconcentration of Port-au-Prince”. Carl conceptualized what was considered the most successful tourism project Haiti has ever envisioned, “Gonave 2000”.

Despite his immense successes both on Wall Street and as an international consultant, Carl has chosen to walk away from all the power and structure to satisfy his thirst and unleash his talent in the arts of painting, photography and music. As a self-taught artist, he has skillfully captured the concealed beauty that is embedded in Haitian culture.  His belief is that hope lies in the human spirit and by capturing the delicate emotions in their faces, his message may be conveyed to the world.

Immediately after his entry into the art world, Carl participated in various private exhibits and in the Design District of Miami during Art Basel 2007.  Some of his works were on display during the Summer of 2008 at Open Doors Miami, a high end home décor store.  Later that year, the Haitian-American Historical Society (HAHS) commissioned him for the rendition of a monument representing the Haitian Heroes, “Les Chasseurs Volontaires de St. Domingue”, who participated in the siege of Savannah, Georgia in 1779.  This monument is in permanent display in Franklin Square in Savannah, GA.  His painting, “Resurection 2009” – 60”x72”- Oil on Canvas, was unveiled in May 2009 at Deering Estates at Cutler, with the full support of Miami-Dade Commissioners, The Honorable Katy Sorensen and Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners, the Honorable Dennis C. Moss, the Board of Directors of HAHS and UCOMB.

His aspiration is to expose the mystery, humility, intrigue, and exoticism of the Haitian Culture through his art. He eagerly seeks to share his artwork with an international audience

Ralph Delly / HT


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