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The core group supports Jovenel Moise

The core group supports Jovenel Moise

The core group which is a coalition that includes the special representative of the United Nations, ambassadors from Brazil, Germany, Canada, Spain, France, the United States and the special representative of the Organisation of American States issued a strongly worded statement this Sunday afternoon in support of Haitian President Jovenl Moise.

The Core Group deplores the loss of life and property damage caused by the unacceptable acts of violence that took place during the rallies, while commending the professionalism demonstrated by the Haitian National Police as a whole.

The members of the group call on the actors of Haitian society and primarily the country’s leaders, to engage in a constructive and inclusive dialogue in order to identify and implement realistic and lasting solutions to the political and economic crisis in which Haiti is currently facing. In this regard, the group encourages the government to accelerate its structural reforms to promote better management of State resources, improve the living conditions of the population in precarious situations, combat disparities, and foster the investment climate. to stimulate the development of the productive sectors – the only ones capable of promoting growth of the country.

Reiterating the fact that in a democracy, change must be through the ballot box, and not by violence, the Core Group urges the executive and the legislature to collaborate so that the electoral law and the budget law for fiscal year 2018-2019 be adopted and published as soon as possible. It is only through these actions that the elections scheduled by the Constitution for October 2019 can be held in a free, fair and transparent manner, and that an institutional vacuum will be avoided. The members of the group encourage political actors, and especially political parties, to make every effort to ensure that women and men are equal partners in the process of democratic development and the building of a united, strong Haitian nation. and inclusive.




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