Reginald Boulos supports the demonstration scheduled for Sunday and encourages his allies to participate

The PetroCaribe challengers have scheduled a large street demonstration for Sunday June 9th. The purpose of this mobilization is to demand the resignation of President Jovenel Moise whose name is involved in the squandering of the PetroCaribe fund, according to the second audit report from the Superior Court of Accounts and Administrative Litigation.

Reginald Boulos, the leader of the national movement “Third Way” is calling on men and women who believe that the resignation of the President and the completion of the PetroCaribe trial are the only elements that can bring back calm in Haiti at this time of crisis to take to the streets.

The businessman says he supports the demonstration by the PetroChallengers and invites all members of his organization to take to the streets alongside the Petro Challengers to demand the trial, conviction and seizure of properties belonging to those involved in the vast operation of squandering PetroCaribe fund.

“The Haitian people deserve justice. PetroCaribe money launderers must pay for their crime. And I offer my full support to this mobilization” says Reginald Boulos to the editorial staff of news site Juno7.

Even before May 9, spontaneous movements are reported in some areas. This Thursday, an improvised demonstration of students from several colleges, trade unions and activists created panic in the Champ de Mars area of Port-au-Prince.

Source: Pierre Lunick Revange


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