Politics: Haiti’s worst enemy

A population of nearly 11 million with at least 10 percent aspiring to be in charge. Politics is Haiti’s worst enemy. They are business people, lawyers, socio-professionals, all with one idea in mind. To become President.

In Haiti politics is a profession. A way to bypass or short-circuit the norms to access to power and make money.

Imagine someone who runs for President and garnered 0.01% of the vote. He decided to downgrade and runs for Senate only to get a score much lower.

As we speak, words have it that the current President should leave office in order to leave room for politicians who otherwise can not become officials through normal channels called elections.

Things are not going well. Honest citizens are calling for investigation into the Petrocaribe funds. Politicians see an opportunity to take advantage and infiltrate the demonstrations while thugs occupy the major roadways to ransom drivers.

These shameless politicians have even penned a road map to replace the constitutionally elected President. Their names are on top of replacement lists.

Why don’t they just get a job?



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