Pastor arrested at Haiti’s airport for attempting to board a Florida bound plane with nearly $100,000 in cash

Pastor Estiverne Jean-Charles was arrested by Haitian National Police at Toussaint Louverture International Airport on Thursday, as he was preparing to board a plane to Florida with US $95,700.00 in his carry-on suitcase.

When asked about the source of the money, the pastor stated that he is a pastor and he can travel with as much money as he wanted. The money was carefully packed in gift wrapping paper.

According to article 10 of a law passed in November 2013, any person entering or leaving the territory of the Republic of Haiti will be required, at the time of entry or exit, to sign a declaration stating how much cash they have in their possession in excess of the regulatory amount. Haiti’s central bank has set the regulatory amount at 400,000 gourdes (about US $10,000.00). Any excess amount must be declared to the customs office at the point of entry or exit.

Jean Charles Estiverne is Pastor of “Vrai Tabernacle de Jesus Christ” located on Delmas 33 near Saint-Louis de Gonzague. He is also assistant Pastor of church bearing the same name located in West Palm Beach led by his wife Pastor Lenese Naval-Estiverne.

He is currently in the custody of Judiciary Police which is conducting an investigation.



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