The Man Dodo Humanitarian foundation, a non profit organization based in Miami held its 13th annual health fairs and toy drive this past weekend in southern Haiti.

A delegation of over 40 health and socio professionals landed in Port-au-Prince on Thursday November 6th. After a long bus ride, they settled at the Sunset Cove Beach Hotel which served as their temporary headquarters.

The first clinic was in Morency, a small coastal village located some 20 kilometers north of Les Cayes. This village of fishermen and agricultural worker does not have a health center or other medical facilities. Over 500 people with all kind of needs received medical care including a woman who has been suffering 6 months with water in both knees.

On Saturday the 8th, the delegation headed to Ducis, a small town south of Les Cayes. Like Morency, this town does not have medical facilities. Over 700 people were served including a gentleman who broke his leg 3 days prior.

Each patient received a hot meal and a kit. They also had access to a large inventory of clothes and shoes to chose from.

Sunday the 9th Man Dodo heads to Cavaillon for its traditional toy distribution. Over 3500 children received a toy including 72 who rode away on a brand new bicycle for having finished top of their class.

Man Dodo Humanitarian Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit corporation was founded in 2005 by the Lozama sibilings to perpetuate the work of their late mother Evane Lozama (Man Dodo) who spent her life helping the less fortunate. They can be reached at


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