Liliane Pierre-Paul turns down government’s offer to help rebuild Radio Kiskeya

Liliane Pierre-Paul, co-owner of Radio-Tele Kiskeya, has turned down the government’s offer to help rebuild the stations who burned down the night of December 21, 2018.

While acknowledging Prime Minister Ceant’s sincerety, Pierre-Paul says she will not accept assistance from him since he is now part of the government. She also informed that the building was purchased from Mr. Ceant who was then a practicing notary.

Liliane Pierre-Paul says the government is responsible for the destruction of her enterprise citing the slow service offered in terms of fire fighting. “The government is never present when taxpayers need their service” lamented Pierre-Paul.

She pointed out that the firefighters went to the wrong address because the driver did not know the street where the radio and television stations are located.



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