Lapin: Jean Henry Ceant to return state vehicles in his possession by Friday March 30th

In an other blow to Notary Jean Henry Ceant, interim Prime Minister Jean Michel Lapin has ordered his embattled predecessor to return all state vehicles in his possession by Friday March 30th.

Lapin who was appointed Prime Minister a.i. by President Jovenel Moise has asked his Secretary General to report the number of vehicles that were at Mr. Ceant’s disposal. He has also instructed government ministers to submit to the Prime Minister a correspondence asking him to intervene through the Ministry of Justice to recover illegally detained state vehicles. Ministers are also ordered to submit to the Prime Minister’s Offie a list of all vehicles kept illegally by former staff members.

The Provisional Leader of the Government has ordered to leave, under the law, at the disposal of his predecessor, the number of vehicles to which he is entitled as a former Prime Minister.



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