Jovenel Moïse renews his confidence in Jean-Henry Céant to continue the dialogue

While delivering a long speech during the commemoration ceremony of the 70th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights celebrated in Haiti on December 10, 2018, President Jovenel Moïse renewed the mandate he gave to Prime Minister Jean- Henry Céant to continue the dialogue with various political groups, in particular those of the opposition and civil society.

In order for the country, that is going through a crisis situation to function well, the president says he is maintaining the dialogue that has been initiated by the Prime Minister, to whom he has given full powers. “I believe that we have an opportunity to show the world that Haitians can sit together to dialogue, find a pact of governability, added Moise”

President Jovenel Moise argues that we must all take responsibility for history, facing our ancestors, for the benefit of future generations. “No effort, no sacrifice must be too great to consent for the country,” added President Moise. Although all actors, including himself, do not perceive the reality in the same way, Jovenel Moses believes that they can sit down, engage in an inclusive dialogue to discuss problems regarding violations of the rights of many Haitians.

Recognizing the right to gather and protest, The President believes that the right to the movement of other citizens to work or to go to a hospital should not be trampled. Preventing students from going to school, intimidating investors, or attacking each other are not part of the solution. Jovenel Moïse spoke of the case of La Saline where a situation of panic and terror has reigned for months. He had asked his prime minister to open investigations in order to set responsibilities.

Ssource: Radio Vision 2000


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