In Haiti, politics is a way of life

A large majority of Americans are not satisfied with Donald Trump’s leadership. The same goes for Dominicans next door who are unsatisfied with Medina’s performance. Both of these nations have one thing in common. They have great respect for their respective constitutions.

Lots of Haitians are not satisfied with President Moise’s performance. But some wannabe politicians are calling for him to step down and create an other constitutional crisis. The American and Dominican opposition know they have to wait it out until the end of their President’s term in office. However in Haiti we are calling for a resignation without constitutional arrangement on how to fill the void.

Haiti is probably the only country in the world where unpopular politicians want to be a leader. A former candidate who placed fifth in the last election thinks he is the legitimate leader. He went as far as raising his own flag on a historical monument located in the northern part of the country. A lawyer claiming to  be an advocate of the people scored very poorly in the first round of the  last presidential elections. He downgraded for a senate seat and lost even worse. Now he wants to draft the current President’s exit.

All these political strategies will not hep Haiti advance. It’s time Haitians start respecting their own constitution and not adhere to politician’s wishes to become president through manipulation.

Tourism  operators on the southern coast are suffering because of the unstable political climate in Port-au-Prince. Sad to see attractive and magical beaches like Port-Salut and Ile à Vache not hosting tourists because of these politicians.

Frantz Louis / HT




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