“I am the bourgeois of the economic, social and political revolution of Haiti” says Reginald Boulos.

As President Jovenel Moïse looks ahead to the next elections, many observers believe that it is impossible to hold elections in 2019. One of them is businessman Reginald Boulos who advocates dialogue prior to the elections.”We do not want to have elections this year. “We favor dialogue so other political parties have time to prepare and modernize” says Boulos.

According to Boulos who has recently become a politician, the third way he proposes is the key to change or the revolution that Haiti is waiting for.

Reginald Boulos considers himself as the bourgeois of the political, social and economic revolution of Haiti. As he explains, all revolutions were initiated by a bourgeois.

However, Reginald Boulos declares that the third way is not an electoral movement. It’s an organizational movement. “We did not wait for the elections of 2021 to create this movement” he added.

Reginald Boulos also believes it is necessary for the country to have three major political structures. “143 parties in a country is a joke,” he says.

After holding several meetings with young people and women groups around the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area, Reginald Boulos says the feedback to his “third way” movement has been very positive.

Source: www.juno7.ht



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