How safe is Haiti?

I dare to say very safe. All major metropolitan areas in any country on earth are bound to have lawlessness neighborhoods and Port-au-Prince is no exception.

In many countries especially those with tourism potentials, the media become an accomplice of the state in not publishing news about crimes. In Haiti however, it’s a whole different story. Due to lack of training or experience, many journalists cannot make a difference between a murder and an act of insecurity. Someone was shot and killed and your average journalist will talk about an upsurge in acts of insecurity before he or she even investigates if the victim was robbed or not. When someone is shot dead and his Rolex watch and wallet are still with him, that is murder, not insecurity.

The Numbeo website which is a collaborative online database which enables users to share and compare information about the cost of living between countries and cities recently published a list of 115 countries with the highest crime rates and to no surprise, Haiti did not make the cut. When we consider Haiti’s poorly trained, underpaid small police force, we come to realize that this must be one of the safest countries on earth.

According to the Numbeo report on crime statistics for 2018, industrialized countries such as The United States (35), Sweden (38), France (49) have high crime rates. Tourism havens such as Jamaica, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic just to name a few, also have high crime rates.

For exemple once the news of gang activities in Martissant or a riot in Delmas is spread on social media, people living abroad, including Haitians think it’s the entire country that is affected. Nothing is further from the truth. The rest of the country is calm, quiet and safe. Just like a murder in Paris or Marseille does not affect the rest of France.

I invite you to check the Numbeo report about crime statistics and draw your own conclusion. The Numbeo website is operated by Numbeo doo, a company registered in Serbia. It was founded in April 2009 by Mladen Adamovic, an ex-Google software engineer.

To read the statistic of the 115 high crime countries, click here:



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