Haitian government sets new rules for Haitians wishing to come back home

Haitian nationals wishing to come back home will face some new tough rules that some have deemed unfair.

In a letter dated April 9th sent to Minister of Foreign Affairs Claude Joseph, Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe made it clear that only the Prime Minister can authorize exceptional flights to Haiti

All Haitian nationals who want to return to their homeland must have their passports and the following conditions must be met

1 Submit a recent certificate of a negative test to COVID 19
2 Have a confirmed travel reservation
3 Have proof of a hotel reservation for a 14-day confinement either at Visa Lodge or ServHotel

In addition, their passports will be kept by the immigration service during the quarantine period.

It is not clear if the government will pay for the hotel confinement which can cost between $1500 to $2000.


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