Fellow artists pay tribute to Frantz Courtois

Musician and journalist Frantz Courtois, former editor in chief of the newspaper “Le Matin”, died Wednesday, January 9, 2019 at the age of 70. His daughter Christine Courtois says his father died from complication  following surgery. He was diabetic.

Fabrice Rouzier of Mizik-Mizik says this is a huge loss for the country and for Haitian music in particular. “Frantz Courtois was a selfless musician who shared his musical knowledge with fellow musicians” added Fabrice.

Frantz Courtois was also a novelist who published a book entitled “Les mornings d’aurore” (Aurora mornings), is one of the pioneers of Jazz in Haiti. He also founded the great orchestra of Frantz Courtois in order to give taste to Haitian music and appeal to music lovers of his generation, said Fabrice Rouzier.

For jazz pianist Reginald Policard, Courtois was the perfect collaborator. They worked together this past December on some projects. “Fanfan Courtois contributed to the training of several musicians and was one of the initiators of the jazz movement in Haiti” concluded Policard.

Musician and jazz promoter Joel Widmaer added that Frantz Courtois represented a model in the music industry. “He was a great friend and collaborator to my Father Herby Widmaier and I regret he didn’t leave some musical memories for future generations” said Joel. .

He is survived by his daughters hristine Courtois, Natalia F. Courtois. His funeral will be held on Saturday January 12th at 10:00 Am at Pax Villa Funeral Home. He will be cremated.


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