Dr. Reginald Boulos to launch his own political party

A few days after denying rumors that he will run for president, businessman Entrepreneur Reginald Boulos announces his plan to launch his own political structure in the near future.

Private station Radio Metrople announced Mr. Boulos plans to propose a third political alternative. “This movement will propose a third way in order to make up for failures of leftist and rightist parties that have ruled the country with violence and corruption in recent years” says Boulos .

The former president of the Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Forum of the Private Sector proposes to rally economic, intellectual and social elites to his cause. He affirmed that his new party will not be built only for the elites.

While recognizing that the elites have also failed in their past actions, Boulos advises entrepreneurs to get involved in politics and invites the young and progressive people to gather around this new political structure that will be modern party.

Source: rezonodwes.com


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