Dr. Jerry Bitar released by his kidnappers

Popular Haitian Radio Talkshow Host Garry Pierre-Paul Charles has announced on his tweeter account that Doctor Jerry Bitar was released this evening by the bandits of Gran Ravin. The doctor said in a telephone conversation with GPPC that the kidnappers released him without ransom. Doctor Bitar told GPPC that he had solidarity from the people of the area.

Dr. Jerry Bitar, a surgeon, was kidnapped shortly after leaving his home on Friday morning to go to work at Hospital Bernard Mevs, one of the best hospitals in the Port-au-Prince area.

Hospital’s Administrative assistant Carla Puzo said Hospital staff decided not to take any new cases until the release of Dr. Bitar.

A crowd gathered outside the facility in solidarity with Bitar, who runs the hospital together with his twin brother, while staff chanted calls for his release. Haitian media outlets also pleaded for bandits to free Bitar.


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