Djakout vs T-Vice, big disappointment

An ordinary evening not at all up to the reputation of both bands. There was no creativity while it’s clear  T- vice had better prepared its presentation. While both groups were good musically, neither was able to create the euphoria expected. For a face to face between two popular compas bands, I expected much more. This evening was not a memorable one. and as I exited the El Rancho, I could hear other fans voicing the same opinion. Some even went as far as calling the event a big disappointment.

For compas to regain its splendor of yesteryear these bands have to do much better. When two bands that have been around for over a quarter century are using melodies or slogans of new generation groups in order to get the crowd to react, we realize that the problem is more serious than we thought.

I left the event, which on paper was supposed to be the greatest of the year, with a feeling of sadness reinforced by realizing that we’re leading a fight lost in advance.

Philippe St-Louis  ,


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