China and South Korea ready to invest in neglected areas of the Dominican Republic

As Haiti struggles through a week long fuel shortage crisis, its island sharing neighbor is set to negotiate a major tourism development project with China and South Korea.

The Chinese have made it clear to the Dominicans that they want to focus on underdeveloped areas of the country to set up new touristic destinations. They have eyed areas such as Barahona, Azua, Jarabacoa, Constanza.

A business meeting is already set for Tuesday April 9th by the Dominican Ministry of Tourism during which Investors and Tour Operators from the Popular Republic of China also member of World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF) will present their plan for developing new touristic destinations in the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Ministry of Tourism is encouraging teenagers engaged in the field of tourism to learn mandarin, the Chinese native language. They go as far as offering incentives such as scholarships to those who are interested in learning what they see as their future tourism language.

At a conference kicked off in Barahona this Friday that will end on Sunday the 7th, Pedro Peña Rubio, Governor of Barahona says his area is launching the Tourism and Production Fair called “Discover Barahona”  in order to achieve sustainable development. The fair aims to enhance recognition of the southern region as a touristic and productive destination and at the same time promote economic exchange between the regions. On the occasion, “Discover Barahona”  has also invited the Republic of Korea as Special Guest of Honor.

Virgilio Pérez Bernal, Director of the Tourism Cluster of Barahona considers the “Discover Barahona”  fair as a main platform for producers from different sectors to receive support in order to continue growing the region.

For the first time, the fair has special kiosks to showcase different types of projects carried out by young people from the province.

Barahona is a destination of nature, with new hotel projects and very important gastronomic and craft offers.

During the Tourism and Production Fair “Discover Barahona”, the governor of this province Pedro Peña Rubio acknowledges the presence of the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in the Dominican Republic, Byung-yun Kim, the Vice President of the Tourism Cluster, Elizabeth Tobar and Julio Brache for their contributions to the development of the province.

The “Discover Barahona” fair aimed towards sustainable development is being held at the site of the Catholic University of Technology of Barahona and will end on Sunday April 7th, 2019.

The Dominicans have realized that foreign investments and political unrest are not compatible. Once a country is truly open for business, investors will smell it from miles away and will not hesitate to pour money in that country’s economy.

Carlo Chancelien
CEO of Le Jetsetter


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