Carnival 2019: Some artists and musical groups say the show must go on

Several artists including representatives from traditional compas bands held a press conference this Thursday to express their opinion following the government’s decision to cancel the national carnival. They strongly defend the carnival, which according to them, is a tradition that goes back a long time.

Artists such as Lòlò and Manzè from the roots band Boukman Eksperyans, Ti Pay from the musical group Rèv, Fredo from Kanpèch and several other konpa artists shared the conference table.

These artists admit to being aware of the difficulties that the country is going through while claiming that this should not be an excuse not to organize the carnival. According to Lòlò, the cultural sector should not suffer. “Carnival is a tradition and we will not agree to let external problems disturb it” says the maestro and lead singer of Boukman Eksperyans. He strongly defends the therapeutic aspect of the carnival. People participate in Carnivals  festivities to escape from their daily worries. “Wherever they send us on Sunday, we will be there” concluded Lòlò.

Lòlò’s wife Manzè went further by claiming that the band provides jobs to over 100 people during carnival season. She says that carnival has always been a great opportunity for small businesses and street merchants to make some money. “The economic contribution of the carnival should not be neglected. There’s also the religious symbolism as carnival yields to Lent” added the co-founder and co-lead singer of the famous roots band.

“If they really want to know where the PetroCaribe money has gone, they must organize the Carnival. We can even call it Petro-Naval” added Jean Renaud Bruno know as Ti Pay, band leader of Rèv.

All the participants left the room united in defense of the pre-lent tradition. They all agree that the show must go on.




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