Carlo Chancelien’s humble opinion on Diplomatic Relation with the Dominican Republic 

For the past few years, Haiti has been represented in the Dominican Republic by a Charge d’Affaires i.e. As search goes on for a permanent ambassador, allow me to offer my humble opinion.

I believe that the next Ambassador of Haiti in the Dominican Republic should be way more than just a representative.

He/She should be a good negotiator and very business-minded. Part of his/her duties should be to make a better liaison between the Minister of Tourism and Minister of Agriculture with their respective counterparts, for a very healthy “south-south cooperation”, and for best-practice sharing on many levels.

I think it’s about time we start looking at our eastern neighbors as a great commercial opportunity and less of a threat. it’s time we start to mean business! After all, that’s what diplomatic relationship with a neighboring country is all about.

How can Haïti afford to have one embassy and three functioning consulates in a such a small country at taxpayer’s expense? It’s a question that we should also address.

This past February 27, our neighbors celebrated the 175th anniversary of their independence from Haiti. They not only regret the fact that we occupied them but they also regret the time we made them lose on their path to development. Many Dominicans believe that if it wasn’t for that period of occupation, their country would be much better off than they are today.

As Haitians, I know we can be embarrassed by the disparity between our two nations. I invite you to take our neighbor as a mirror to see where we can be a few years from now.

Carlo Chancelien is a business and tourism consultant based in Santo Domingo. He is CEO of the tourism firm the Jetsetter.


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