Carlo Chancelien, the Haitian globetrotter

When you think all is lost with the Haitian youth, you run into someone who tells you not to criticize so fast. This is what happened to me when I met a young man named Carlo Chancelien.  Carlo is not the type you hear about in the media. He’s neither a criminal nor a crook. However, he is quietly representing us well on the international level.

Carlo Chancelien is a native of Port-au-Prince, who identifies himself more with the countryside of Haiti. Having had the opportunity to work with the giants of the Tourism Industry, and traveled to many countries, for business or pleasure. He is passionate about traveling and learning from different cultures.

Young professional in Marketing and Tourism, Carlo has an inquisitive mind; always looking for the opportunity to sharpen his knowledge on matters he is passionate about. From Microsoft to, he can combine his interpersonal skills with his expertise in Sales and Marketing to build great partnerships.

With several years of tourism industry experience at the community, regional, and international level, Carlo Chancelien has had the great fortune to work for one of the world’s largest online travel companies in the world,

Currently, as the Home Partner Manager at Booking, Mr. Chancelien is tasked with curating ideas and relationships with business owners in several countries to assist property management companies and real estate agencies with business and marketing strategies, delivering solutions for the benefit of tourism and communities across the province. The responsibilities and challenges equips Mr. Chancelien with the knowledge and character traits needed to be innovative in finding customized solutions and value propositions outside of one-size-fit-all trends.

In addition to his success within his current position, Mr. Chancelien founded Le Jetsetter, a Tourism and Marketing firm. Le Jetsetter lends tourism companies expert consultation for branding and market positioning strategies. As a professional who is an avid traveler and strong advocate for greater synergies between travelers and the tourism and hospitality industries, Mr. Chancelien has created a great platform to share key information that is vital to the success of diverse markets that have a unique product to offer.

Carlo Chancelien has a degree in Business Administration from Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM) and Tourism Revenue Management from E-Cornell Business School. Combined with his formal education and direct work experience, Mr. Chancelien has created an exceptional career in Tourism, making an impact in his market and the industry.

Carlo Chancelien wishes to share his experience and knowledge with others. He travels regularly to different countries including his native Haiti to offer seminars and workshops to help people sharpen their skills and get ahead.

An avid user of social media for professional purposes, he confessed to me that he found his dream job through one of these platforms. Carlo can be reached at
FB: @lejetsetter77



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