Local automobile dealerships to contribute in the fight against Covid-19 dixit Dr. Reginald Boulos

Businessman and politician Dr. Reginald Boulos announced today that the association of automobile dealerships intend to make an important contribution to help fight against the Corvid-19 pandemic. Dr. Boulos is CEO of Universal Motors and Auto Plaza who represents popular brands like Nissan and Audi in Haiti.

In an interview on private Radio station Vision 2000 this Monday; Dr. Boulos who also holds a Master’s degree in public health expressed his worries about the state of preparedness of the government to face the virus.

Dr. Boulos says there are factories in Haiti that can manufacture hand sanitizers at a much lower cost. He also reveals the existence of factories that can also manufacture masks and other medical gears. He suggests that measures be taken inside those factories in order to prevent contamination by outside sources.

As he announced a substantial contribution of the automobile dealerships sector, Boulos calls on other business associations to also contribute in the fight against the corona virus.

Montiel Seide   


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