Bicha denies reports he billed government for coronavirus awareness

In a video published on his youtube account, Daniel Fils-Aime also known as Tonton Bicha denies he ever billed the government 500 thousand gourdes to record audio and video awareness spots against the coronavirus epidemic.

However the comedian acknowledges the fact that his claim for the government to use artists in the awareness campaign did not sit well with some segments of the populations. He accuses a misinformation laboratory he says is behind the campaign. Fils-Aime points out the fact there was no seal on the published bill and that his signature was falsified. He also states that the amount quoted was way lower than what he usually charges for advertising campaigns.

We must point out that several well known artists have recorded a video urging the population to stay home during the coronavirus crisis. Tonton Bicha’s video can be seen by clicking on this link:


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