A committed sportsman’s cry for help

Among national treasures, one must consider the Racing Club Haitien. A 96-year-old club that has graced Haiti’s football’s landscape. Racing has enjoyed national glory, It is recognized by the government as a public heritage, the “Old Lion”, a tenor of the Haitian sports jungle, is undeniably a monument. Especially a monument to preserve.

Today, Racing is suffering. Like the country, the club is sick. It fell victim to the organizational weaknesses that eat away at our country. Weaknesses that are unfortunately chronic, even cancerous.

The problems of the Yellow and Blue leave no sportsman indifferent. Not because it is the business of a great name of our football, but because other teams may end up on the same boat. Because we never do it right administratively both at the national and football level.

“My skin today, yours tomorrow”. This is the title of an old successful film, a revealing title. But this title goes against the fraternity that is needed today to support this prestigious team that has in particular offered our country its first CONCACAF Clubs title in 1963.

Therefore, I urge the leaders of the D1 teams in particular and other notable sportsmen to gather around the solidarity table, in order to support a member of this family in difficulty. An exceptional opportunity to highlight the greatness of soul that characterizes sports.

Journalist and committed sportsman, I am particularly addressing the Violette Athletic Club, Racing’s eternal rival for the past 96 years. Especially since the former president of the Racing Club Haïtien, Claude-Henry Albert, president of the Center for Sports Promotion (CPS), had mentioned in New York during a meeting with the leaders of the Racing Fan Club. that “the first partner of the RCH is Violette”. And it is so true.

At the level of sports relations between the two oldest rivals of national sport, President Albert, son of the Old Lion, knows this subject well. Racing’s fans proved it last season on the stands of the Sylvio Cator stadium, supporting Violette in its campaign to return to the elite in 2018, the year of its centenial.

So, on the boulevard of solidarity and selflessness, I openly invite the leaders of the VAC to take the first step. In this sense, I will formulate in the coming days a very sporting proposal to the staff of Violette. But not openly.

Raymond Jean Louis, Secretary General of CPS






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