21 Years and Counting – The Haitian Compas Festival continues its Reign

Miami, Florida – May 22, 2019 – Recognized as one of the largest outdoor festivals in the United States, the Haitian Compas Festival brought tens of thousands of people to Mana Wynwood on Saturday, May 18, 2019. The red and blue from Haitian flags could be seen throughout Wynwood and the sounds of Compas music could be heard for blocks. Thanks to the efforts of our sponsors, the artists, staff and media, the public came in full force to commemorate Haitian Flag Day.

For 21 years, the Haitian Compas Festival has united Haitians from around the world who have found a place to celebrate their music and heritage on a larger scale right here in Miami.

“When we began the festival we wanted to give local diaspora something to enjoy to commemorate Haitian Flag Day. After 21 years, Miami has become an extension of Haitian pride throughout the entire month of May, and the week of the festival is totally Haitian made. We have created a legacy that will surpass us for the next generation,” says Rodney Noel, Co-Founder of the Haitian Compas Festival.

The Haitian Compas Festival is now a staple in Miami that has brought tourists from New York, Boston, Atlanta, Martinique, Guyana and France, amongst others, to indulge in the Miami sun while swaying to the melodious sounds of Compas music being played on major radio stations and television stations to commemorate Haitian Flag Day and Haitian Heritage Cultural Month.

“The festival has become bigger than just us. We have put all of the biggest acts in Haitian music history on our stage and have brought a massive amount of tourism to Miami for a week of music, food, fun and Haitian history,” explains Jean Michel Cerenord, Co-Founder of the festival.

“As a team, we continue to grow, promoting Haitian culture, finding validation within the community and asking for sponsorship dollars to fortify our efforts in showing the world how Haitians make-up a large percentage of greatness in our community. The Haitian Compas Festival has played an integral role in making that possible,” shares Alexandre Ade, Haitian Compas Festival Board Member.

The Haitian Compas Festival has become a mecca of Haitian pride and next year on Saturday, May 16, 2020 it will once again take center stage at Mana Wynwood as the biggest Haitian Flag Celebration in the world.

Mia Lopez


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