A $ 20 million donation to support Haiti’s response to Covid-19

The World Bank’s board of directors approved this Thursday a donation of 20 million US dollars for the project “Haiti: Response to Covid-19”.

According to a press release from the international financial institution, this project aims to respond to the threat posed by the COVID-19 epidemic by strengthening laboratory analysis capacities and patient care in Haiti.

“The rapid evolution of the Covid-19 (new coronavirus) pandemic requires urgent action to prevent the spread of the disease and save lives in Haiti,” said Anabela Abreu, World Bank Country Director for Haiti. “The World Bank is working in partnership with the Haitian government and the donor community to respond effectively to the threat posed by COVID-19 by preparing the country’s medical system to diagnose and treat this infectious disease.”

The Covid-19 pandemic represents a major risk for Haiti. Since the first cases were officially confirmed, the risk of local transmission has increased and a state of emergency was declared on March 20. Firm response measures are essential to limit the spread of the virus, otherwise there is a high risk of an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in Haiti.

The “Haiti: Response to COVID-19” project aims to limit the transmission of COVID-19 in Haiti by detecting and controlling infections in health facilities as well as access to the best possible care for people who fall sick. It also includes improving laboratory analysis capacity and reducing spread through contact identification of confirmed cases.

To guarantee the quality of care despite the increased pressure on the health system, the project will support the supply of laboratory and protective equipment necessary for health personnel. Among other things, it will support communication activities to help community members understand how to prevent the spread and fight disinformation. The project will support the preparation and intervention plan for COVID-19, developed by the Ministry of Public Health and Population.

Funding for this project is a donation from the International Development Association (IDA), as part of the new fast-track financing facility approved by the World Bank Group on March 3, 2020 to help countries around the world cope. to this pandemic.

Source: www.metropolehaiti.com


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