1800 advisors for 117 Deputies

Economist Etzer Emile revealed today that the lower house of the Haitian parliament hires over 1800 advisers.

Mr. Emile tweeted today: “In addition to the employees and contractors, there are 1806 advisers in the Chamber for the 117 Deputies costing 748 million Gourdes (over 9 million US dollars at today’s rate)..Parliament has become one of the largest employers in the public sector. Where are the results? Where is productivity?”.
A survey released last year show that 71.5% of the population don’t trust the parliament. The budget for the Parliament for fiscal year 2018 – 2019 is 5 billion Gourdes (US $62 million at today’s rate). The parliament is made of the Senate with 29 Senators and the lower house with 117 Deputies.


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