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1800 advisors for 117 Deputies

1800 advisors for 117 Deputies

Economist Etzer Emile revealed today that the lower house of the Haitian parliament hires over 1800 advisers.

Mr. Emile tweeted today: “In addition to the employees and contractors, there are 1806 advisers in the Chamber for the 117 Deputies costing 748 million Gourdes (over 9 million US dollars at today’s rate)..Parliament has become one of the largest employers in the public sector. Where are the results? Where is productivity?”.
A survey released last year show that 71.5% of the population don’t trust the parliament. The budget for the Parliament for fiscal year 2018 – 2019 is 5 billion Gourdes (US $62 million at today’s rate). The parliament is made of the Senate with 29 Senators and the lower house with 117 Deputies.

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