11 measures to stabilize Haiti’s public finances

In order to stabilize public finances and implement the executive order dated April 5th, 2017 on government expenses, the Government adopts the following measures

  1. It is formally prohibited to purchase new vehicles until September 30, 2019

2.  It is formally prohibited to rent or lease vehicles on behalf of public officials, unless authorized by the Prime Minister

3.  Ministers, State Secretaries and General Directors are formally prohibited to travel without the express permission of           the Prime Minister or the supervising Minister. If applicable, the delegation must not include more than five (5) members.

4.  Reconsideration of the amount and terms of payment of per diem for trips abroad

5.  Compression of purchases of goods and services on behalf of the government

6.  Vehicles registered “State Service” are not allowed to be used on weekends and holidays  and beyond 7 PM on workdays

7.  Reduction and harmonization of the salaries of the General Directors of the Autonomous Organizations

8.  Fuel allocation will be reduced by 30%

9.  Purchases of telephone recharge card cards are suspended. Only prepaid plans are authorized for public officials

10. Prohibition of any form of subsidy, unless formally authorized by the Prime Minister

11. All Ministers, State Secretaries and Directors General are required to finalize the declaration of their assets and their final       declaration of taxes


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